photo by shriya samavai

Anjali (they/them) is the singer, songwriter, electronic producer, organizer, and new media artist behind Diaspoura. Diaspoura’s sound and speech has brought forth a fresh perspective to the media of a poor, Brown, and gay South. They’ve been featured in a variety of publications including NYLON Mag, Bitch Media, Color Bloq, Kajal Mag, Oxford American, and, comically, even Fortune Magazine. Their most recent EP Traumaporn (2018) is a sonic study of power and vulnerability, using rigid beats, bells, and dense harmonies. Since the release, Diaspoura has pledged via to stay independent and committed to sustaining organic art and media. With the support, they coded a web art toolkit (2019), which provides education on the cycles of trauma perpetuated by Big Tech platforms. That year, they co-led a series of rallies inspiring a larger movement for fair artist pay from music streaming giants.

This year in the pandemic, Anjali nests with comrades in the deep South on occupied Congaree & Catawba land, producing art and music. They currently serve on the board of the Carolina Youth Action Project, and are open to the public as a virtual conflict mediator, arts educator, and freelance facilitator for groups learning social ecology and sustainability.

You can inquire with them at and join the loving network sustaining their life and practice at
photo by zoe hedquist
photo by raverjinn