Studies On Love: The Zine

Are you on a continuum to unlearn toxic systems of power and success, to instill yourself with more fruitful and abundant joys in life?

Studies On Love presents a vision of care, desire, healing, and pleasure for every relationship. Anjali and the community behind Diaspoura has cultivated 40 pages of pure resources for all who are interested or invested in the practices of facilitation, conflict mediation, abolition, polyamory, and digital self-care. The zine includes journal prompts following each study.




Spring 2021 Marigold Collection

Do you cherish the work of Diaspoura, and want to spread your love while co-signing their radical stance in music and art?

This year, Anjali has produced a limited run of 12 one-of-a-kind garments to sustain another year of independent & unsponsored art-making and organizing. Since 2016, wearers of Diaspoura's Marigold Collection have shown that supporting art and embracing fashion does not have to come at the expense of land and laborers.